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DEUTEROCOHNIA ‘Chlorantha’ Butcher D * n/a

Published in 2013 was the Doctoral Dissertation on the genus Deuterocohnia by Nicole Schuetz where the old genus Abromeitiella was finally laid to rest as being within Deuterocohnia. The species D. brevifolia was redefined and it would appear that the subspecies chlorantha of Schultze-Motel has finally bitten the dust. This subspecies is widely grown in California and Australia in particular. Moreover, it has never been propagated from seed as far as is known but by offsets and as such can acquire cultivar status . Each rosette is on average, 2cm diameter and each leaf is green with scattered lepidote trichomes on the upper face with about 10 tiny spines each side. While slow growing it can form quite large mounds in large shallow pots .In nature the species grows on rocks but it seems quite happy growing in a minimum of soil in cultivation. Reg Doc 7/2014 by D Butcher
Country of origin: South Australia