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TILLANDSIA ‘Cally’ ? / Neville Ryan * circa 1980s

Mature rosette to 30cm. diameter x 15cm. high with a 6cm. long stem. Scurfed, semi-channeled, grey-green, spreading narrow leaves, tapering to a point. Erect spike 7.5cm. long with a simple ellipsoid, slender inflorescence 14.5cm long. Pointed, woolly, grey-green scape bracts. Mauve flowers with dark purple speckling and a central light tan stripe on each recurving petal. This cultivar's early history and the actual breeder are unknown. However, Brisbane grower Neville Ryan acquired this under parentage only in a mixed collection in the 1990s, possibly from Rolly Reilly (Queensland). Named 'Cally' in reference to the seed parent T. caliginosa. Reg. Doc. 3/2021 by Dr. Dale Dixon
Country of origin: Queensland Australia

Seed Parent: caliginosa Pollen Parent: streptocarpa