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TILLANDSIA ‘Thelma O'Reilly’ Koide Hyatt. Pamela 1990

Mature, upright rosette to 45cm. diameter x 48cm. high in bloom. Arching, narrow, scurfed, grey-green leaves, soft like T. achyrostacys and covered with fine trichomes. Erect, branched pointed inflorescence with 6 - 9 narrow pink-bracted branches and extruded white flowers. Named in honour of the late Californian bromeliad grower Thelma O'Reilly.. Reg. Doc. 4/2021.
Country of origin: California USA

Seed Parent: deppeana Pollen Parent: achyrostachys
References: Bird Rock Tropicals ID - TX383 Cross # 1361 (May 29, 1990)