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TILLANDSIA ‘Super Betty’ Isley, Paul / George Stamatis * circa 1990

Mature, open rosette to 40cm. diameter x 40cm. high in bloom. Stiff, narrow, semi-channeled, arching light green to frosted grey- green leaves, tapering to a point. Erect spike of pale pink bracteate leaves with a compound compact head of vermilion scape bracts and exserted , tubular mauve flowers. Select form in a grex batch imported into Queensland ,Australia by George Stamatis, ex Rainforest Flora Inc. Los Angeles, circa 2010. Grex siblings = T. 'Betty', 'Betty Bo-Peep' . Reg. Doc. 6/2021 by Geoff Lawn.
Country of origin: California USA

Seed Parent: xerographica Pollen Parent: brachycaulos