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NEOREGELIA ‘Pirate Party’ Ladd, Alan / Graeme Synold* 2015

Mature, open rosette to 45cm. diameter x 25cm. high. Glossy, olive green bronzed, wide (6cm.) leaves randomly striated cream tinted pink and sometimes flushed tangerine in strong light. Central nest of white flowers tinted blue and inner foliage turns intense scarlet at blooming. Seed-raised by Graeme Synold. Cultivar is so-named after Gold Coast grower Rosie Kelly's pirate-themed birthday party. Tricolor Group. Grex siblings = N. 'Radium', 'Palladium'. Reg. Doc. 12/2021 by Graeme Synold. .
Country of origin: N.S.W.. Australia

Seed Parent: Alan's Iridium Pollen Parent: ?