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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (17471) 2024-06-22

BILLBERGIA ‘Lila's Magic’ Sill, Ben 2008

An upright loose tube of 7 or so leaves, standing 25-30 cm tall. Leaves are 5 to 6 cm wide each with obvious spines. Scurfed foliage is marbled white / green with smudged bronze accents around the leaf edges. . The nodding inflorescence has rose pink scape bracts, pale green ovaries which have a bit of pink at the base; the calyx is pink with the outer half bright blue. The green petals are loosely curled with the outer half cobalt blue..Grex sibling = B.: 'Raspberry Smash'. Reg. Doc. 12/2022.
Country of origin: South Carolina USA

Seed Parent: Crimson Candle Pollen Parent: sanderiana