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TILLANDSIA ‘Extravagance’ Tropiflora Nursery / Veronica Orozco* 2019

Mature, open, lmedium-sized, bulbous-based (10cm = 4" wide) rosette to 45cm. (18") diameter x 20cm. (8") high. Arching, narrow, stiff, grey-green leaves with mostly medio-picta (centrally striped) creamy yellow variegation and the foliage reverse is notably heavily-scurfed. A vegetative sport which emanated in Tropiflora Nursery from T Elisa (concolor x streptophylla), The inflorescence (8-10 branches) is typical of T. Elisa--20cm. (8") high x 13cm. (4.5") wide with scurfed, rosy red scape bracts and narrow, green-bracted paddles, each to 12cm. (5") long with tubular magenta flowers. Reg. Doc. 1/2023 by Dennis Cathcart.
Country of origin: Florida USA

Seed Parent: Elisa
Tropiflora ref: code # 9649.