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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (17543) 2023-05-30

TILLANDSIA ‘Sea Daisy’ YUJU 2018

The parentr tillandsia was bought as "Ionantha var. fastigiata" from Rainforest Flora Inc., Los Angeles, U.S.A. in late 2017. It had blossomed before and it gave out 2 offsets in 2018. But one of the two offsets was found mutated in China into a crested form. It shows no prominent growth point. Many contorted leaves sprout out from the centre irregularly, resulting in a bulbous rosette to 12cm. diameter. . Like its parent plant, its leaves are slightly recurved, channeled, lepidote and become rose colored / bronze red when exposed to bright light. Ionantha Group. Reg. Doc. 5/2023 by YUJU.
Country of origin: China

Seed Parent: Ionantha var. fastigiata